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Inspiration for these studies comes from areas within Connemara, Donegal, Achill and the islands nearby.

"I am a mark maker...I see painting as poetry in colourful marks with harmony and discord at play. The effects can be unsettling and the outcome if successful will draw the onlooker in to visually interact and see beyond." DHH

"But what are they looking at, what's the hum their underwater feet are waking to?
The moon is a plover's egg drawn and quartered, its aurora a wormwood scum;
that steps too far for these habitues of monochrome now turning the camera round,
slowly developing the outside negative of a likeness they have found..."

Extract from the poem Night Bog from the exhibition 'Reflections'
Paintings and Poems by Douglas Hutton and Miriam Gamble
Enniskillen Castle Museum 2012

Landscape Painting 3

Landscape Painting 2

Landscape Painting 5

Landscape Painting 6

Landscape Painting 7
Landscape Painting 8